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General Liability Insurance and Bonding for Contractors

When it comes to getting the best deal on home construction, one of the best ways to get that is to learn how to do contractor bonds to protect homeowners from unscrupulous contractors. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the process and what to look for in bonds. So, before you decide to buy one, it’s essential to learn about them.

Understanding Contractor Bonds

What exactly is a bond? A bond is a type of collateral that can be used to secure loans. The collateral must be worth at least one-hundred thousand dollars and usually more, but less than one million. Bonds are also used for credit cards and store accounts. The primary purpose of bonds is to make lenders more comfortable with lending money, as they know they will recover their investment if the property fails to pay.

Construction bonds can protect homeowners from financial harm. If a builder has been cited for any violation of the project he was working on has not gone according to plan, the owner of the property can take the builder to court to recover damages caused. If the owner wins the suit, he could be entitled to compensation from the builder. With a construction bond, however, it’s much easier to get the money back, as the owner is protected by the contractor.

While bonds don’t directly protect homeowners against defects and poor construction, they can help prevent them in the future. If a contractor isn’t able to get financing from a lender or an investor, the bond will act as collateral to secure the loan.